Hi, I’m Yusuke.

Today, I’d like to share my favorite sunset spot near Enoshima in Kanagawa.

Enoshima is one of the most popular tourist place in Kanagawa.

You can see so nice sunset sky around Enoshima.

I added links for you in order to know details about thses places. For example about what kind of photos can you take there.

But links still are Japanese only.

I will make English pages step by step.

1. Tigogahuchi(稚児ヶ淵)

Tigogahuchi(稚児ヶ淵) is in Enoshima.

This is best sunset spot from Enoshima.

You can see the significant ocean.

We can often see small ships, many birds and people playing standing kayak.


To Enoshima entrance

・10 minutes walk from Katase-Enoshima (片瀬江ノ島) station of Odakyu railway

・15 minutes walk from Enoshima (江ノ島) station of Enoshima railway

・15 minutes walk from Shonan-Enoshima (湘南江ノ島) station of Shonan monorail

30 minutes walk from entarance of Enoshima

2. Osaki park (大崎公園)

Osaki park is a best sunset spot where we can take photos of Enoshima with Mt.Fuji.

This is relatively minor spot. So you can take photos as much as possible.


・35 minutes walk from Zushi(逗子) station of JR

・20 minutes walk from bus staion named Entrance of Mt. Hiro(披露山入り口). You can take the bus from Zushi (逗子) station of JR.

3. Inamuragasaki (稲村ケ崎)

You can take photos of Enoshima in Inamuragasaki.

It’s a beautiful sunset spot because you can takes photos of the beach and Enoshima.

It’s easy to access.


5 minutes walk from Inamuragasaki(稲村ケ崎) station of Enoshima railway.

4. Zushi-marina (逗子マリーナ)

You can feel as if you were in a tropical resort because there are many palm trees in Zushi-marina.

You can also see Enoshima.



・7 minutes walk from Kotsubo(小坪) bus station. Can go to Kotsubo Bus station by bus from East door of Kamakura(鎌倉) station.

・1 minute walk from riviera-zushi-marina-mae (リビエラ逗子マリーナ前) bus station. Can go to the bus station by bus from East door of Zushi (逗子) station of JR.

[Free shattle-bus on weekends and National holidays]

Free shattle-bus from East door of Kamakura (鎌倉) station of JR. It takes about 10 minutes.

Official site of Riviera Zushi marina


There are many places where you can see amazing sunset near Enoshima.

So if you go to Enoshima, you should go sunset spots and see sunset in real.

I really recommend these sunset spots.